Hørt om Resonate? 

I juni 2013 startet jeg Resonate AS. Der fokuserer jeg på digital markedsføring innen sosiale medier, og deler av erfaringene jeg har fått av å operativt drifte Faebooksider i 4 år. Om du er interessert i sosiale medier, vil alt som handler om det nå foregå på Resonate.no.


Bilder hashtagget med #resonatenor

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Instagrams fra @resonatenor – hverdagen i firmaet

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  1. “Ultimately, what most risks “provoking” Moscow is not Western resolve but Western weakness. This is where the real weight of history lies. Accordingly, attitude adjustment in Moscow first requires attitude adjustment in NATO capitals, and quickly, before Moscow’s swaggering leaders draw the wrong lessons from their recent successes.”The first time a Russian TU-22 was allowed to fly over sovereign nations, without being shot or forced down, Russia confirmed what it already knew, the resolve of the NATO countries wasn’t there.

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